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Donovan’s Bookshelf Review

“Ryan M. Becker’s vivid romp through counterculture, traditional culture, and the ironies and magic of life is designed to carry contemporary poetry enthusiasts into a world of madness, mayhem, and cultural inspection.” — D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer

Midwest Book Review by Suzie Housley

“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.”


Feelings of intense excitement and happiness characterize euphoria. It allows a person’s emotions the opportunity to be released into the world. Step into the pages of this book, and you will discover a rich collection of poems that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster of self-discovery.

Each one is unique in its creation; you will find no two topics are ever the same. You will get to dive deeply into the author’s mind and soul as each word penetrates deep within your body. The words he uses are bold and intense. They can make the reader stop, think, and absorb what is trying to be communicated.

Ryan M. Becker’s book provides a fresh feel-good appeal that other authors lack. These poems can open the mind to new and uncharted territory. I predict this book is about to make a lasting impression in the literary world

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“Author Ryan Becker’s modern, rhythmic poems deserve a read, and possibly a good rock band to go along with them!” — Marie Joy

Goodreads Reviews


This work is more a spoken word collection of stories drawn from the life of the poet, his loves, his influences, his art, dreams and the past that we are all burdened by. Some poems you could see a clever musician adding some music to and making a song that wouldn’t be out of place at a Dead show in the 70’s, maybe an Old & In The Way opening set. The ideas of the Beatles, especially Lennon, comic books, real heroes, real villains float through the pieces some repeat, some disappear, but all have left a mark on the writer.

Two of the poems I find myself thinking about the most are Divided in Two and Astrogate, Navigate, Space and Time Evaporate. If pressed my answer would probably change as the day got longer. I like the imagery, the rhyme and the way an hour later I kept having certain lines run through my head. Still do, even while writing this. You can tell the poet cared, and did his best both for himself and for the reader. A very interesting work.


These poems are like nursery rhymes for adults. Becker writes lines full of limerick musicality to comfort and teach on themes that we adults face: the emotional pain of social isolation, the self-doubt and loneliness produced by mental illness and its disruptive effects, and most importantly the redemptive power of hope. And like nursery rhymes, they offer lessons in humility and perseverance without losing the reveling feel of a communal performance. This brings poetry back to its roots as song, and I appreciate Becker’s commitment to rhyme. The first rule of poetry is that its sound must be what carries the meaning and gives it power to the reader. In this, Becker does an outstanding job.


Uniquely Beautiful Poetry!

This book surprised me and is so beautifully written that I was left speechless repeatedly. The flow of each poem is different but still amazing. I wasn’t sure what I was in for when I picked this up, but I was pleased with the gorgeous melody of each line I read.

I fell in love with the very first poem, “The Story of Me and What’s to Be” and I was afraid that the author put the best first. I was pleasantly proven wrong as I read each one as individual as the one before. Another memorable one was “Bits per Second, Tech Protectant, Descendant Who or What Expectant.” It brought me to tears and I found it incredibly relatable. The stories that are so wonderfully spun gave me more and more to think about.

I laughed and cried during this adventure and read each poem multiple times to soak them in. I highly recommend picking this up and reading with an open mind as it’s such a one-of-a-kind, amazing experience.


What a wonderful collection of readings! I loved the poems this book held and possessed, it was work and words that really connected to me, and made me feel and think things.

The poems this collection had were not just empty words being thrown randomly onto a page and hoping it sounds good. It was full of a heart’s creation, and a feeling and devotion towards life itself. I am someone who has gone through my own mental health stuff here and there, and these poems were enlightening and beautiful, and the words I read, feelings I felt, really were uplifting and heartfelt. I know for a fact I will be re-reading this collection time and time again. I find the words can really help someone who’s struggling, or just wants to feel that connection, so yes, I truly loved the work and wonders this wonderful author has created!

I love poems, but these hit me deep. I look forward to future work by this gifted author, this collection and book is not one to be passed up, a must read for everyone no matter where your path of life is. Highly recommend this must-read book and this wonderful author!

Amazon Reviews


Master of Balance & Mixologist of Rhyme!

This was not just a book but rather a full experience, and that’s what I loved most about it: the words and color bring you into different world. I bought the paperback (print quality is fantastic), and if you’re torn between the eReader vs hard copy, I think the print version is 100% worth it. The design had me fully immersed in each page of this personal, creative journey. As one reviewer pointed out, some poems leave the reader wanting to know more about the events that inspired these pieces — but as with much lyrical poetry, we’re given windows into enough detail that it makes those glimpses relatable, like you’re with the writer on a journey inside their mind. A number of pieces remain playful / authentic even when dealing with dark subject matter and that is really difficult to do. There are some lines that may break your heart, and on the flipside, there are some rhymes that feel frivolous and free. I think that’s what made it so compelling for me — this work serves as a colorful reminder to have hope in the dark times, and that there is a balance to this musical mystery ride of life.

John Gist

Madness can be a gift!

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” The author, very appropriately, quotes Robin Williams regarding madness prior to the Prologue. Madness is something that we must not lose nor lose ourselves in its embrace. The author takes us on a journey through what some may call is madness only to gently guide us out ensuring we don’t get lost along the way. The expressive writing and the illustrations throughout the book make this a wonderful and excellent read.


Read this one aloud for full effect

What a fantastic debut! Ryan Becker’s talent with the written word goes hand-in-hand with his musical talent, as each poem has a lyrical cadence and beauty that almost forces you to read it aloud, with feeling. I admit my cats were staring at me LOL. But seriously, these poems tell the story of Ryan, the good, the bad, and everything in between, in cryptic verse. I laughed, I teared up at times, my heart went out to him in his struggles. The first entry, The Story of Me and What’s to Be, gives us a window into his soul and you feel you know him just from reading it. The poem Dear Beatles is simply awesome. This man can take a few words and create something so new, so different, and so beautiful that you want to read it over and over again. And each time you will discover something new. I look forward to seeing more from Ryan Becker!

AJ Lang

Melodic poetry to heal and inspire!

From cover to close, Euphoric Wonderland takes you down a rabbit hole to explore issues of mental illness, creative identity, music, social justice, and our place in the world. Although I’m not a big fan of rhyme, I found the internal rhyming structure very interesting and sometimes even hypnotic. For music lovers, there’s lots of musical references. And for those struggling with their own demons, this book of poetry provides a ray of hope. The titles are poems in and of themselves: Scream Without Sound, Cry Without Tears, Bleed With ALL Scars to Remember the Years.

As an Alice in Wonderland fan, I especially enjoyed all the references to the story. For me, it was certain lines that really stuck out like, “A harvest, the darkness, a park where my heart is.” Also, “Today I start my heart and leave all doubts on other routes.” Poems like Dear Beatles and Trip and Groove Abbey Road Approved are very accessible. Looking forward to what journey Mr. Becker takes us on next!

Brittany Porter

Eclectic and fun

This author is either chemically enhanced, neurodivergent, or mentally a greatly entertaining way! This really is a work of art with the colorful pages and even more colorful words. Each poem takes you on a journey through the authors eyes. I loved being able to escape reality for a few minutes at a time by reading a few passages. I would suggest this book to anyone that loves poetry, art, and has a twisted sense of humor.