Altruistically Germane
Not Defective or Feign

Not so long ago, I was dragged into a verbal dispute with a former buddy of mine. For the sake of this person’s privacy, let’s just say his name is IAN.

This so-called friend…he was a bully, utilizing vicious spat, attempting to be-cripple my once already desolate, weakened state; a thirst for prey, unknowingly malignant, biased way. He resorted to counterintuitive deception, pressuring me to confess my homosexuality — when under no circumstance did I ever discuss my position on the matter. Given his demeaning rhetoric, I thereby informed him he was exhibiting homophobic behavior. In due response, he argued, “The only method by which I could potentially be homophobic is provided you are indeed gay.”

Do you believe such depictions are justifiable, either voiced to me or combined with race of man, woman, and kind? Should society have the right to assume someone’s individualistic mindset when incident beyond reason suggests it’s none of their damn business who we elect to treasure, embrace, or bust a nut or two with until we’re blue in the face?

Bemused by his irrefutable born and bred inequities, I thus proclaimed he unveiled a pre-eminent shower of hate; rendering me afflicted by his unstable blame and mood. Despite my defense, he muttered, “You’re the only one making yourself feel that way.”

What that unfortunate fool neglected to comprehend, is that the duality between speech and exercise demystifies pure heart or crude; exposing what we think or do — whether to invoke peace, or contempt, altering lives for the purpose of self-respectability, civility, integrity…abuse, greed, cheat, or sin.

They claim sticks and stones may break our bones, yet words can never hurt us. So, rather than see what IAN sees; conceptualize ought in lieu of fraught — unheed of racist view and plot. Be a cut above, encompass with love. Don’t live his curse or get it worse; once rehearsed, twice it hurts — words convert the truistic nature of our work.

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October 20, 2022



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